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    There are many offering of child bike seat available for kids under 3 years old, but offerings are much reduced after that.

    As with all load carrying on a bike there flat ground is required, if you want to cycle reasonable distances. A  bike ride carrying a 10kg child, is 5% more difficult on flat ground and 50% more difficult on hilly ground.

    Bicycle Child Seat


    Child bike seats also make you bike more top heavy particularly when you are pushing the bike. Without your own weight on the bike, a very large percentage of the bikes weight is set high up, and the bike can flip if it goes a few degrees past vertical.


    Enough doom and gloom. I have cycled 100’s of miles with no drama with a child in a bicycle seat. Some of my bikes will carry 3 kids. Although I have not done this very often effective range is about 3 miles!


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