Vincita Saddle Bag Review

Vincita Saddle Bag Review – Intro

The Vincita Saddle Bag is a rubberised canvas out doorsy type saddle bag, that come in three sizes. I purchased this because I need to carry a bicycle pump and a puncture repair kit on my least practical cycle (a mountain bike).

It Looks Neat

Vincita Saddle Bag Review – Sizes

Small – The small saddle bag is VERY small, it might hold 4 or 5 snack bars, but not king size ones! I doubt you would fit a pump in it, maybe a CO2 inflator type gadget. To be clear I have not bought the small size, but my pump only just fits in the medium size.

Medium – I bought a medium size. This has two fixing straps and it really firmly attached to the bike.

Large – I would suggest this is the size to get, you can always roll the roll top down a bit further when empty.

View from Rear

Vincita Saddle Bag Review – Quality

The bag is lightly built. For example although the rubberised canavs type material looks like say a North Face Gear Bag it is not as thick. This is good as it is easier to roll, but it does not feel like a top quality product.

Some Nice Details

Vincita Saddle Bag Review – Price

I paid £5 for mine from SJS cycles. They retail at £22 which is way way too much. For £22 I would expect thicker materials, and a larger size.

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Vincita Saddle Bag Review – Conclusions

If you can get one of these Vincita Saddle Bags in a Large, for a knock down price then go for it. The small is likely unusable as it is so small. The medium will just about fit a small pump and a puncture repair kit.

One inherent problem with a saddle bag used on a bike with no mudguards is that is gets covered in $h1t. Which is something to consider.

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