Selle Royal Classic 8261 Review

Selle Royal Classic 8261 Review – Intro

I am a great fan of the the springy brooks saddles (B67 & B135). But they do cost a lot, and I have a lot of bikes, so for lesser used bikes, where I want a comfortable saddle, I am trying this Selle Royal Classic 8261, which is not listed on the Selle Royal Website, but is widely avaiable. I purchased mine from Practcial Cycles (Ebay Store).

Whats in the Box. . . I’ll save you the trouble. A saddle.

Selle Royal Classic 8261 Review – Typical Use

This saddle (apparently) adorns millions of bikes across the world, it is one of the most common saddles manufactured certainly in europe. It comes in a standard foam variety and a gel variety, both designed for upright utility cycling.  This review is for the standard variety; I find gel creepy . . . not sure why.  Ammatuer pycologists please leave a comment below.

Suites an Upright Ride. Likley OK for all riders though.

Selle Royal Classic 8261 Review – Build

The saddle is heavy in the hand, I buy things built to last so for me this is a good thing. The upper materials seems thick, and feels as though is may be bonded with the foam (or form part of the foam) that forms the cushion. The underside of the saddle shows a injection moulded suppoprt frame which is bonded in a continuous, likley water tight seam to the foam upper. The metal work is clipped in to the plastic underside and all metal parts are rivetted together.

The saddle come complete with a mounting bracket of pin type seat posts. This bracket seams to be different to some I have seen and does without the inner set of cups, having outer cups only.

Supporting Plastci Underbelly, is sturdy and strong.

Selle Royal Classic 8261 Review – Cost

This saddle is very cheap. It cost £13 with postage. It looks as though it will last for years.  If you were to trawl ebay you would find a wide saddle with springs for a few pounds less, perhaps £9 delivered such as the ventura ASA saddle.

This slightly cheaper saddle is far worse quality, it will have a thin upper, stapled interface between upper and underside. The plastic underside is weak, and I have broken it off when lifting a heavy bike by the saddle nose. I cannot see that happening with the Selle Royal Saddle, it is built heavy and strong.

Basic Appearance. No frills.

Selle Royal Classic 8261 Review – Comfort

I have been ruined from years of cycling on wide brooks saddles, so this saddle felt unconfortable for me. So by means of coamprason I went and sat on my kids bikes saddles, and my folding bike saddle to try and mix things up a bit.

It is no doubt as comfy as any wide sprung saddle can be (that isn’t a brooks (or perhaps Lepper) but then is is 10% of the price! So I would say average comfort based on the type of saddle.

Fitting Clamp is Better than most.

Selle Royal Classic 8261 Review – Conclusions

A very inexpeinve saddle, that is vert well built and provides a satifactory amount of comfort.

Just a Simple Well Built Saddle Really!

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