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Policy for Back-Linking : Practical Cycling

If you would like to write 100 words or so, which is 100% relevant and subject specific to the chosen forum or topic and leave am unrelated link to you business or similar, then that is fine. You will not be penalised for do this.



I am glad that this forum allows links to third party websites as I am aware of the old adage that “if it’s free you are the product” in this way I get to take something back (free backlink) in return for posting some of my knowledge on this site. This is a lenient stance for forum moderation, and I hope it will encourage more people to use this excellent cycling forum.  Environmental Consultants London

Not Allowable

Very much me liking this Forum Kind Sirs, Thanking you for this informations and super fun happy time. Grommets and Washers Georgia


The aim of this moderation policy is to encourage the entrepreneurial types to post on the forum, I do not want to encourage SEO monkeys, or link Apes. But the average free thinking business owner . . . yes please contribute and take a small reward for do so.


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